Tan Dun's 'Prayer and Blessing' Virtual Music Premiere Garners 70 Million Views


Tan Dun Prayer and Blessing video cap

This week, Tan Dun virtually premiered his musical response to COVID-19 titled Prayer and Blessing for 12 tamtams, strings, soprano and conductor in Shanghai. The original video has garnered over 70 million views since April 12.

“This piece captures my love for us all – may our love for each other protect us until eternity and help us endure the ups and downs together. To me, the number 12 is one of the secret cycles of life. There are 12 months, 12 zodiacs, 12 tones, 12 years to Jupiter’s orbit around the Earth…  That is why I have chosen 12 Tamtam’s from Wuhan, a spiritual connection to send prayers and blessings to everyone, all over the world.

Prayer and Blessing is arranged from the text of Laozi (dated 600 B. C.) and its wisdom fits our world today in a profound way. Thank you to the musicians who volunteered to help bring this work to life. I am glad we could connect in a different time and space through the power of technology."   – Tan Dun

Scores and materials for the piece will be made available soon.