Philippe Quint - The Chaplin Project with the Baltimore Symphony


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Discovering Chaplin's music was as much of a blessing as it was perhaps the biggest challenge I've ever encountered musically speaking,” says violinist Philippe Quint about the creation of his Chaplin Project.

This week, Quint will join the Baltimore Symphony and conductor Carolyn Kuan for “Chaplin’s Smile,” an orchestral version of his project, alongside works by Corigliano, Barber, Stravinsky, Morricone, and others: A Musical Tribute to Charlie Chaplin, February 7-9, 2020

Quint’s Chaplin Project has been performed throughout the US and Europe in recital and with orchestras. His 2019 album “Chaplin’s Smile” received worldwide acclaim, multiple Editor’s Choices from all major classical radio stations and such publications as Forbes, Gramophone, Limelight, Strad, and Strings.

Available for recital and symphony engagement.

“I think it’s hundred and thirty years after his birth, my grandfather Charlie Chaplin is still around and loved by so many...Philippe Quint is allowing him to be discovered by a whole new audience as a talented composer, a side of him many people did not know.” -Kiera Chaplin

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