Meet the Artists of Rascasuelos: Patricio “Tripa” Bonfiglio


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Patricio “Tripa” Bonfiglio is the composer, musical director, and bandoneonist for the Buenos Aires based visionary tango ensemble Rascasuelos TANGOS VIVOS, touring North America in Fall 2020. He is credited with reimagining possibilities for the bandoneon and is a staunch defender of the new vanguard of tango, reclaiming the art form by incorporating modern orchestrations while staying rooted in the traditional form.

In addition to Rascasuelos, he is the founding member of two other influential groups to have emerged from the new wave of tango--Fernandéz Fierro and Astillero—and has performed with Argentinian rock icons, Bersuit Vergarabat, Alejandro Balbis, and Ariel Prat, among others. He is also the musical director of Rascasuelos’ alter ego, Rascacielos. Tripa currently hangs his hat in Paris.

Rascasuelos TANGOS VIVOS is now booking Fall 2020.