Columbia Artists Announces Lucy Negro Redux, Touring 2021-2022



Nashville Ballet's Landmark New Production
Featuring Original Score Composed and Performed Live By
Rhiannon Giddens

Based on Texts by Acclaimed Nashville Author
Caroline Randall Williams

Columbia Artists is pleased to announce 2021-2022 season tour plans for the Nashville Ballet's original production, Lucy Negro Redux. A new full-length ballet choreographed by Nashville Ballet’s Artistic Director Paul Vasterling, Lucy Negro Redux is based on Caroline Randall Williams’s book of poetry of the same name. It features a live reading of her texts and an original score composed and performed by Grammy Award-winning musician and songwriter, Rhiannon Giddens

“It is a full-throated, full-bodied exploration of love and desire, exultation and loss, belonging and expulsion, ownership and autonomy. A mixed-media, multigenre embodiment of a scholarly theory about an arcane point of literary history might not seem like fertile ground for enchantment, but it was absolutely transformative.”

-Margaret Renkl, The New York Times

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Video: World Premiere of Lucy Negro Redux 

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