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    “I think it’s hundred and thirty years after his birth, my grandfather Charlie Chaplin is still around and loved by so many...Philippe Quint is allowing him to be discovered by a whole new audience as a talented composer, a side of him many people did not know.”
    Kiera Chaplin

    Multi Grammy Award nominee violinist Philippe Quint is internationally recognized for his unique and insightful approach to standard repertoire, championing and rediscovering neglected repertoire and embarking on imaginative, exciting journeys of explorations and collaborations with artists of different genres. His award winning 17 commercial releases discography includes a recent debut on the Warner Classics label, a CD titled Chaplin’s Smile, which features 13 original arrangements of songs by Charlie Chaplin. The disc received worldwide acclaim, multiple Editor’s Choices from all major radio stations and such publications as Forbes, Gramophone, Limelight, Strad, and Strings.

    The album inspired Philippe to create...

    Quint has now arranged the works [of Charlie Chaplin] for violin and piano. ...There is some schmaltz, but it is controlled and contextualised, and there is much artistry, virtuosity, and energy alongside this apt romanticism.
    “We're talking about one of the greatest geniuses of the last century," Quint said, "and so just coming up with this project, for me, was one of the most miraculous journeys of my musical life.”