“It is a full-throated, full-bodied exploration of love and desire, exultation and loss, belonging and expulsion, ownership and autonomy. A mixed-media, multigenre embodiment of a scholarly theory about an arcane point of literary history might not seem like fertile ground for enchantment, but it was absolutely transformative.”

Lucy Negro Redux is an original ballet choreographed by Nashville Ballet’s Artistic Director Paul Vasterling based on Caroline Randall Williams’s book of poetry of the same name. The piece explores the author’s thesis that the “Dark Lady” and the “Fair Youth” — the subjects and inspiration of hundreds of Shakespeare’s love sonnets — were undoubtedly a black woman and a young man, respectively. A non-linear story of two present-day and three historical characters: the author/narrator, a professor, William Shakespeare, Lucy Negro and Fair Youth, is strung together by a score featuring original compositions by Grammy Award-winning artist, Rhiannon Giddens, and...

“It was nothing short of astonishing, cracking the art form open and re-creating it to be more open, inclusive and vibrant.”
Erica Ciccarone, The Nashville Scene