Les Arts Florissants


  • Tim Fox
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    North America
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    “Superbly attentive to one another, well matched in clear tone without vibrato, the singers wove a contrapuntal fabric that blended into rich, organ-like sonority at some moments and splintered into six-way conversation at others.”

    Specialized in the performance of Baroque music on period instruments, Les Arts Florissants has played a pioneering role in the revival of 17th and 18th century Baroque repertoire. Under the batons of founders, William Christie and Paul Agnew, the ensemble gives around 100 performances each year in France and all over the world in the most prestigious venues, for staged or semi-staged performances of operas and oratorios, large-scale concerts, chamber music, and vocal concerts. 

    “...I’m worried that if the amount of love and pleasure bouncing off the stage increases any more during their other dates these champions of the baroque might get arrested by the police. This really was an extraordinary night: a thunderously enjoyable banquet...”
    “...They do have a lot to congratulate themselves for: they’ve helped change the face of how Baroque music is performed. This time round their singing and playing is as impeccable as usual, and their array of soloists includes two whom I’ve not heard before, and can’t wait to hear again.”