Funny Women of a Certain Age

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    “Depending on your sense of humor, they will leave you cackling or mortified. Or both.”

    Created by Carole Montgomery, Funny Women Of A Certain Age as seen on Showtime® is a show straight from the unfettered mouths and uninhibited minds of the funniest, most daring, most experienced people in comedy: the women that have seen it all.

    They’ve raised children both on and off the road with big hairy club bouncers cradling their babies while onstage. These women have stayed in comedy condos where you don’t want to use a blacklight on anything. They’ve been told women aren’t funny, and have been asked to trade sexual favors for work.

    Trust us, they have A LOT...

    “Comedy often functions as comfort food, and it’s good fun to see this collective — who in side interviews decry the idea of female comics being competitive with one another — railing against it all.”
    NY Post
    “Through their individual sets, they break down walls of sexism, including the notion that women simply aren’t funny, while earning rolling laughs along the way.”